Építészeti és generál tervezés |Műszaki ellenőrzés|Projekt management|Környezetvédelem
Építészeti és generál tervezés| Műszaki ellenőrzés |Projekt management|Környezetvédelem
Építészeti és generál tervezés|Műszaki ellenőrzés| Projekt management |Környezetvédelem
Építészeti és generál tervezés|Műszaki ellenőrzés|Projekt management| Környezetvédelem


Building under construction

As the successor of NNN Architecture, NAKOBO Engineering was established in 2009 to provide complex architectural and engineering consulting services for preparation and execution of investments or innovations.


Our main services provided for our clients cover the preparation and management of projects, quantity surveying, and quality/technical supervision from concept throughout planning and construction until the handing over and closing of warranty period.


We provide our services to large size multinational and local enterprises, small and medium-size companies and the private sector.

Our engineers are highly qualified and posses several years of experience in the fields of construction in Hungary and in foreign countries as well.

The wide technical experience of the team, the international level of the management and the latest technologies we use enforced with our personal care ensure the efficiency of our client and the success of their projects.

Main tasks provided by NAKOBO Engineering:

-       Construction quality control and technical supervision on site

-       Design supervision

-       Quantity surveying, budget estimates and cost planning

-       Project consulting

-       Construction management

-       Health and safety management

-       Environmental consulting

-       Architectural & interior design including, mechanical, electrical & structural planning and fire prevention

-       General design

-       Design and planning management

-       Online project directory